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Original Bollywood Movie poster - Bibhuti Mitra Movie : Phagun(1958)

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Phagun is directed by Bibhuti Mitra and written by Pranab Roy. In this movie Madhubala and Bharat Bhushan have played iconic roles. Madhubala was one of the finest actresses of that time. This movie was the top grossing film of 1958.

So basically in this film you will see Bharat has played the role of Bijan who was son of a landlord and he fell In love with a girl Banani whose role is played by Madhubala but due to society they faced many problems. This movie showed the perfect play of romantic elements.
In which “Ek Pardesi Mera Dil Le Gaya” this was the top song of the movie and O.P. Nayyar has composed a song for this movie.

In this movie poster you can see a happy pair of Bijan and Banani standing together in their traditional dress. For the background red and blue colour which has a bright background title of this movie was written In Yellow bold letter. This poster has been made with all handwork and has been printed in Apsara Arts Bombay.

Size - 30 × 40

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