Taking Care of Records

Maintaining Records 

It is very very important how you take of your records. If you keep them well it will give always give you enjoyable listening experience for years to come. I have few records I bought in 1993 and they still play well.

1. Cleaning record : Please clean your record once you received it. Even if it unplayed record in MINT condition, there is always dust and specks. 

Few Record Cleaning options -- Details to be added. 

2. Replace inner sleeve and outer sleeve to preserve the Vinyl  as well as artwork.

3. Store them vertically.

4. Keep away from direct sunlight and in dry place. High humidity is not good records.

5. The dust is enemy # 1 of the record.  Static electricity attracts dust. Anti-static brush and other devices are available to remove static from the record.

6. Replace your record in your sleeve once you played them. Do not keep them lying around.

Storing Records 

Will add few tips and guidelines on storing records and links for storage cabinets.