Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping Records 

Shipping weight is calculated by adding

1. Weight of record,

2. Insert pads and ,

3. record mailer box.

Some records weigh 140 grams, some 180 grams and some 200 grams. Records with Multifold cover weigh more and hence shipping more.

Records will be shipped with 1 to 4 days after placing the order. 

For Customers in United states 

1. USPS media mail. This is economical . The shipping for 1 record should be around 4 to 5 USD per record and USD 1 to 1.50 per additional record.

Please note that with USPS media mail may take anywhere from 5 to 21 days .

Specifically during holiday season it may take longer. Tracking number is provided 

2. USPS Priority Mail. The price is higher but delivery is faster 

For International Customers

1. USPS First class international :  There is weight limit and delivery is not tracked . We do not guarantee the delivery of the record once it leaves United States. We will not be responsible for any lost package in foreign country.

2. USPS priority International: The tracking is provided .

Return Policy

By default, there is NO RETURN policy. The records we mostly resell are originally released  We acquire records from record collectors across the world.

There is risk of element as it is not possible for us to play each record and grade it.

The most of the records are visually inspected. Some high priced records are verified by playing few secs of each track. We try to be as accurate with our grading.

Please note that this is not commodity which can be manufactured again and can be returned to the manufacturer of the record. 

Exceptions can be made on case basis and at our discretion.  If sometimes record is not good as  expected  by customer, we may offer discount for future purchases.

Any return should be done within 3 weeks of the purchase.

Please reach out to us in case of any queries.

Refund Policy

Please read the refund policy.

1. The buyer is responsible for pay for shipping the returned item 

2.  The Shopify does not refund processing and transaction fees. When you request the refund on return items or cancelled order.

Even if you decide to cancel the order within minutes, there will be no full refund. 

So when you receive the refund, it will be less than what you have originally paid,

It could be between anywhere from 5 to 10% depending on mode of payment, currency exchange rates.


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