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Original Bollywood Movie poster - Yeh Rastey Hain Pyaar Ke(1963)

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R.K. Nayyar movie : Yeh Rastey Hain Pyaar Ke(1963)

Yeh Rastey Hain Pyaar Ke was directed by R.K. Nayyar. This movie was scripted by Aghajani Kashmiri. It stars Sunil Dutt, Leela Naidu and Ashok Kumar. This movie shows Human emotions and relationships against the backdrop of Societal expectations.

This movie Achanak(1973) and Rustom(2016) are also based on the same case.


This movie revolves around a pilot, Anil, who is tried for the murder of his wife’s lover, Ashok, leading to a dramatic court case.This It navigates us to love, sacrifices and familial duty. Culminating in a Poignant resolution. In this movie Ravi and lyrics are by Rajinder Krishan.

As you can see this poster is very simple but it has colours which are perfectly blended together and In this poster Sunil Dutt is portrayed with Leela and she has her arms in the background. Red colour is being used. Titles are written with Calligraphy in English, Hindi and Urdu language. This poster was printed in Jupitar Arts Bombay.

Size - 30 × 40

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