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Original Bollywood Movie poster Mohan Sinha movie: 1857(1946)

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Mohan Sinha movie: 1857(1946)

1857 was the fifth highest grossing film of India which was directed by Mohan Sinha in Murari pictures. It was black and white movie which was released on 4 January 1946 it was based on the backdrop Of Indian Rebellion of 1857. It is also Known as Sepoy Mutiny or First War of Indian independence.

The main actors in the 1946 movie "1857" were Surendra, Suraiya, and Gulab. Sujjad Hussain has composed songs for this movie and Anuum Pilibhiti, Pandit Ankur, Shewan Rizvi, and Y.N.Joshi have written music lyrics.

In this poster you can see there are 3 people who belong to royal families and a castle from where soldiers are coming from. Majorly pink And blue colour is being used for it. At the top you can see the movie name written “1857” and from there you can find it is a movie based on the Indian Rebellion.

Size - 30 × 40

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